About the Scholarship

The Evelyn H. Kahn Scholarship Fund awards one $800 scholarship per year to Chicago Public School Nurses to continue their education. Scholarships are awarded to current CPS Nurses pursuing Type 73 or Type 75 Certification, RN Licensure, or Masters or Doctorate Degrees in Nursing, Education, or related fields.

Applications are typically due in the late autumn or early winter of each school year, and the award is presented mid-winter.  A committee of Chicago Public School Nurses designs the application and notifies their colleagues of the award and the application process.  After the Nurses Committee reviews all completed applications, they send their recommendations to the Scholarship Fund’s Board of Directors.

Scholarship payments are made directly to the student tuition account of the university or college that the scholarship recipient is attending.  The Scholarship Fund can only make scholarship payments to academic institutions that are either public (state or local public funding) or private non-profit (with section 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status).  Chicago Public School Nurses receiving full tuition reimbursement from another source are not eligible for the Scholarship.

 We very much hope that all eligible Chicago Public School Nurses apply for the Evelyn H. Kahn Scholarship.

For a listing of previous recipients of the scholarship award, please click on the "Previous Recipients" link below, at the bottom of this page.